Tony Brenna

Veteran reporter Tony Brenna offers his new novel, Honey Trap, a thriller

Tony is a long-time keen observer of media in all its forms, as well as politics and international affairs. He's informed and opinionated - and shares his latest insights here.

Why I Had to Write "Honey Trap"

Aug 02, 2022 by Tony Brenna
Here are the life-changing events that primed me to switch from respectable mainstream journalism to reporting for the tabloids. There I covered the pernicious ratrace of the entertainment industry while vying against other journalists in the most cut-throat competition of my life. All my journalistic experience gave birth to Honey Trap and its protagonist Mike Delano.

US and UK Lacking in Press Freedom - The Future of Russia

May 03, 2022 by Tony Brenna
The war in Ukraine affects US and UK press freedom -- as more journalists die in the conflict. Ukraine's spymaster says the war won't end until Putin dies, either through sickness or assassination.

Fury at Fox Network Over Piers Morgan Appointment

Apr 26, 2022 by Tony Brenna
Fox Fabrications King Tucker Carlson is pulling out his hair in rage over Rupert Murdoch's hire of British tabloid star, Piers Morgan, with a reported annual salary of nearly $20-million. Sean Hannity's not happy either.

The Hyprocisy of Fox Attacking Disney

Apr 01, 2022 by Tony Brenna
The angle that interests me about the way Fox News is attacking Disney? The fact that the Murdochs made a fortune on their deal with Disney.

Will the Ukraine Disaster Be the End of Napoleonic Putin?

Feb 28, 2022 by Tony Brenna
With any luck, this Ukraine disaster will help bring down Putin. Meanwhile, even as the US supports Ukraine, we must be vigilant against the supporters of oligarchs and authoritarianism in the US.

Why NATO Should Never have Gone into Russia’s Satellite Countries

Feb 19, 2022 by Tony Brenna
I've got my fingers crossed: if we survive the current crisis, will we tackle the ongoing crises like climate change and future pandemics?

Goodbye Dirty Donald — You Won’t Be Missed

Jan 19, 2021 by Tony Brenna
I bid a not-fond-at-all farewell to the Donald Trump presidency, with a dose of pessimism as to whether we can "fix" the country, and the world, that's left to us.

Count Your Blessings in the Viral Age

Apr 22, 2020 by Tony Brenna
You can count your blessings even in the age of corona virus, especially if you don't listen to advice from that ignorant quack, Dr. Trump, and his circle of sychophants at Fox News.

Donald Trump Is Literally Killing Us

Apr 20, 2020 by Tony Brenna
If we ignore the lessons of the current pandemic, we'll face worse in the future. 

We May Be the Experiment Nature Regrets

Apr 05, 2020 by Tony Brenna
As I enjoy the quiet imposed by the corona virus lockdown, I wonder when our Big Brains will get the message that we must stop destroying the Earth - our only home.

John McCain Humiliates Trump from Beyond the Grave

Aug 31, 2018 by Tony Brenna

Donald Trump vs. John McCain - two American archetypes in starkest contrast with each other: devious Donald could never compare with the dauntless spirit of Senator McCain. The enmity transcends the grave.