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The Hyprocisy of Fox Attacking Disney

Apr 01, 2022 by Tony Brenna
          The attacks on Disney from Fox failed to subside this week, with the right-wing talk network's programming continuing to portray the entertainment giant as a creepy company aiming to sexualize young children.

           There was one notable angle, that made this especially interesting:  The Murdochs made a fortune through a deal with Disney.

           In fact, when Rupert Murdoch sold most of Fox's assets to Disney, the Murdoch family became the second-largest shareholder.

          It's unclear whether they've liquidated some or all of those assets since the sale, but if they haven't touched them, the family would own roughly $14 billion in Disney stock.

          When asked if the family will sell their stake in Disney, given that — according to their news channel — it is a morally bankrupt company seeking to indoctrinate kids.

          How do the Murdochs, their spokesman was asked, feel being associated with such a company? No surprise, he didn't call back. Typical of the sleazy Fox hypocrites – whose only interest is making money and furthering PHONY right-wing causes.