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Will the Ukraine Disaster Be the End of Napoleonic Putin?

Feb 28, 2022 by Tony Brenna

Trump-led Republicans should be deeply ashamed the GOP has pledged its allegiance to The KREMLIN and not the WHITE HOUSE.

Dirty Donald told last weekend’s C-PAC attendees his buddy, Vladimir Putin, is getting a raw deal from the West and would never have attacked Ukraine had he been president rather than Joe Biden.

Since vile Putin had a hand in getting Trump elected to the American presidency, this wasn’t entirely surprising. But what shocks me is that 47 percent of Devious Donald’s base believe Putin is more potent than Biden as a leader.

These dumb red-hat-wearing morons don’t realize that Putin’s onslaught on Ukraine may well destroy him. Hunkered down in his dacha near Moscow, some reports have the Russian leader falling to pieces, raving like a madman at his generals for what he considers their failures.

That’s because his Ukraine adventure has turned most of the world against him — except for dumb rightist Americans and treacherous swine like Fox’s blithering shitbag, Tucker Carlson.

And even Red Toadying Tucker is beginning to look a tad isolated because vile Rupert Murdoch has ordered the lying, hypocritical Fox network to start slamming Putin.

In yet another news department double-summersault, Fox hosts have called for Putin’s military to either kick him out or assassinate him.

But the fear in some circles is if Putin is driven too far into a corner, he might resort to using nuclear weapons in a last-ditch attempt to save face from the monster fuckup his private war on Ukraine has become.

Happily, others say that if this greedy, manic, short-assed authoritarian rat-bag moved in that disastrous direction, the Russian military would probably step in — or refuse to follow such orders.

Russian scientists also know the prevailing wind is out of the West, which would blow enormous amounts of radiation into Russia if Putin did the unthinkable.

The former KGB pipsqueak is in a state of shock over how badly his troops are being mauled by courageous Ukrainians fighting to keep their democratic country from being turned into an authoritarian scrap heap.

They don’t want to become like Vladimir’s Russia — where the top guys are all filthy rich, and the rest of the population barely scrapes by.

Another shock for Napoleonic Putin is that authoritarian leaders in Turkey, Hungary, and other former Soviet states run by autocrats have not stood by him.

Meanwhile, the Russians are losing tank battles with the Ukrainians — and are failing to take major cities — with their armor unable to maneuver in tight streets and tanks running out of fuel and breaking down.

American supplied Javelin anti-tank weapons have been of enormous value to the Ukrainians and caused the deaths of hundreds of Russian tankers.

Meanwhile, Russian soldiers are fighting poorly because their hearts aren’t into killing genetic cousins and family members living in Ukrainian cities.

Bringing more pain to Putin, demonstrations against the war in major Russian cities have taken place with thousands of people arrested.

With CPAC attendees expressing their continued support of Trump and Putin, it is clear that the GOP has lost its mind and does not have America’s (or the West’s) best interests at heart.

The new brand of Republicans will do or say anything to get power — and feather the nest of American oligarchs, who dodge taxes, who live in luxury and wealth, while the rest of us struggle along.

And one has to ask, what does the GOP have to offer? The answer: Racism; industrial pollution, keeping all the wealth at the top with home-grown oligarchs running the stock market and the corporations.

It’s just another version of what’s happening in Russia, where the oligarchs have grabbed all the cash. A vote for Trump here is a vote for Putin — who has already meddled extensively in our elections.

It’s all a big mess. But with any luck, this Ukraine disaster will help bring down Putin and free the Russian people from the misery of answering to a vicious money-grabbing autocrat.