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Why NATO Should Never have Gone into Russia’s Satellite Countries

Feb 19, 2022 by Tony Brenna

The incredible stupidity of humanity is again on display with the threat of a new European war. This at a time when we’re already fighting viral plague and failing to face up to climate problems that will soon make much of this planet uninhabitable.

Kremlin thug Vladimir Putin is serving his own greedy, power-hungry interests by planning an invasion of Ukraine — to impress his oppressed people and keep his lucrative grip on Russia.

The callous former KGB poisoner who controls every aspect of Russian life — while living in luxury and stealing billions in State money — doesn’t care how many of his soldiers die or are wounded.

Nor is he concerned about the thousands of Ukrainian non-combatants likely left buried in the rubble of their towns and villages.

America and its allies stand by virtually helpless. And that’s after provoking the Russian bear by stupidly shoving NATO into former Soviet satellite countries. Meanwhile, the Russian gangster controls a nuclear arsenal, with his finger on the button.

Moreover, NATO (and the US) should give ground to save lives. They should own up to their folly in pushing nuclear weapons into former Soviet territories — and lining nukes up on Moscow and other Russian cities.

Remember the fuss we made when the Soviets planted missiles on Cuba? They only backed down at the last moment when JFK showed readiness to blast them back to the Stone Age.

Since then, the Russians have developed equally-devastating nuclear capability. NATO may lose face now by making concessions, but better that than all the deaths in a new European war.

And that’s not to mention the always present threat that some other ghastly moron will fire off a nuke, sparking exchanges that could bring about global destruction.

Are we still a bunch of bloodthirsty, egotistical, destructive monsters? Or is someone going to show common sense and save some lives — and possibly the planet?

Then we can deal with the real problems: corporate greed, dirty politics, ocean pollution, global warming — and Covid, which is likely a precursor to other dire viral diseases.

I’ve got my finger crossed.