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Goodbye Dirty Donald — You Won’t Be Missed

Jan 19, 2021 by Tony Brenna


January 19, 2021

Tomorrow I’ll be drinking a stiff shot of bourbon as Donald Trump walks alone into a cold new world of losing.

The man who promised we’d be tired of all the winning leaves the presidency the same way he entered it — with the overwhelming disapproval of a majority of Americans.

Not in sixty years reporting have I ever experienced such a louse as Trump: a liar, a rapist, a lecher, and a tax dodger, a traitor, and a money-launderer up to his ass in debt to Russian oligarchs owning his sorry ass.

He’s shown himself to be a modern-day Caligula, responsible for killing thousands at home and abroad, preening like a peacock, no love in his narcissistic heart for anything or anybody other than himself.

Never before have we seen anything like this shuffling mound of dyed-hair, orange-faced, junk-food fueled pile of work-dodging pernicious red-hatted golf-addicted flab.

While karma is slow and deliberate, be assured it has caught up with Dirty Donald, a political/financial thug obsessed by lust for more of everything; an ignoramus who passed himself off as a business wizard. But he couldn’t keep either inherited wealth or the millions he cheated out of suckers dumb enough to buy into his larcenous schemes.

But noon Wednesday — when his mendacious presidential powers get stripped from him – it’s all over for him. Then, this quivering mound of bluster and bullshit knows he must face the music: a woman who accuses him of rape, the cancellation of New York partnerships; banks that want their money back, criminal investigations of his tax dodging, property deals, money laundering, defamation suits; probable treason accusations; and more than $300-million in outstanding loans he guaranteed personally. And that’s only the crimes we’ve exposed. Insiders say there’s plenty more, that his debts, in reality, are over a billion dollars.

More horrendous, nearly half a million good Americans will soon be dead because of Trump’s mishandling of the Covid 19. Then there are massacred soldiers in Ukraine that didn’t get the weapons America promised too late because of Trump’s delays and broken promises. And let’s not forget the thousands of Kurds, who did most of the fighting for us in Syria, who died because Trump pulled our troops out to please Turkey’s dictator, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who promised Orange Judas the chance to build another Istanbul Trump Tower. Erecting the first Moscow Trump tower was one of many reasons Donald sucked up to Russia’s dictator, Vladimir Putin, recipient of four years of unseemly presidential groveling.

Never in our history was there such a villain in the Oval Office. Trump traded our prestige for money from the Saudis that went to his son-in-law Jared Kushner and his revolting money-grabbing surgically-enhanced blonde wife, Ivanka — a woman who considers herself American Royalty with her own presidential aspirations — even though daddy’s leaving the Oval Office stinking of corruption, lies, and disgrace.

It should be no surprise this spoiled brat, who’s used her White House connections to make under the counter deals with China, should love Donald.

Despite her simpering attempts at “nice,” she loves a father who’s determined to cause misery, division, and as much humiliation as possible on all who cross him in the smallest way.

Trump has been vile to the end, pushing through pardons for himself and his family, many of them in secret, selling for cash get-out-of-jail-free passes to those who have greased the rails for his self-serving policies.

There is no repairing the damage that Trump has done to this country. He’s angered allies, kissed up to dictators, used the White House as a piggy bank, and caused deaths here and abroad on a scale that has made him and the US hated.

And what about Poisonous POTUS’s biggest benefactor, Rupert Murdoch? Despite having so much money it is uncountable, grizzled old Ruppie has profited to the tune of billions from the Trump regime — using our moon-faced presidential moron as a means of boosting his massive Fox News audience of Capitol-rioting dummies.

Because of Murdoch, and the publicity he gives to Trump’s lies, these lemmings still believe Trump beat Joe Biden at the polls.

Murdoch, already hated in Britain and his native Australia, has poisoned hundreds of millions of American minds with his unwavering support of Trump’s propaganda, lies, and conspiracy theories –and should be run out of America on a rail. That’s if death doesn’t claim the avaricious, unscrupulous, crusty 90-year-old first.

Then there the Republican Party. In supporting Trump, it’s shown to be uncaring about the environment, the disadvantaged, and unrelentingly racist. Until now Dirty Donald has held the GOP by its avariciously-golden balls, making it whimper and cry out in support of him during our two attempts to impeach the worst president we’ve ever had.

Poor old Joe Biden and Kamala Harris; it’s an enormous task facing them. They must save us from planetary degradation, financial ruin, and a vicious covid pandemic. Also, they must restore the environmental regulations Trump blasted to boost Wall Street earnings and jobs.

Many of those jobs came at the price of poisoned water, foul air, decimated forests, and plastic-laden oceans that are rapidly acidifying. That’s because of the massive volume of carbon dioxide gasses dumped in them, resulting from the GOP’s love affair with the fossil fuel producers who donate the cash that gets right wingers elected.

Even the fish in the sea and the Northern Spotted Owl (in whose habitat Trump permitted the trees chopped down) will no doubt be happy to see this evil man gone.

That’s especially true of Alaska’s pristine Tongass National Forrest, where this foul president permitted logging and a copper mine amidst our last untouched wilderness.

Like all creatures, big and small, let’s rejoice in the removal of this unprecedently evil con man.