Tony Brenna

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Count Your Blessings in the Viral Age

Apr 22, 2020 by Tony Brenna

I feel so sorry for my old British Air Force buddy, George. Like me an immigrant to the US, he was living happily with his married son in the midwest when the virus struck. Both son and daughter-in-law lost their jobs and had to move into smaller accommodation — with no room for 88-year-old George.

He landed up in old folks’ home, which is now under lockdown because of COVID-19 cases. He described to me the misery of not being able to leave the room, not being able to touch anything for fear of contagion, the loneliness and boredom of staying under lockdown with no visitors.

Made me realize I shouldn’t be moaning about being confined to a spacious waterside house on Puget Sound where, at least, I can watch the eagles and go for walks along deserted wooded beaches with my dog. You don’t realize how lucky you are until you hear what others are suffering.

Meanwhile, Trump’s encouraging protests that defy social distancing, which will only spread the virus. And that’s when we’re already suffering 30,000 new cases a day — even after the virus reached a new peak several days ago.

It makes me hope some of these dumb assed protestors end up fighting for their lives on ventilators — after contributing to the problem and making everything more hazardous for the rest of us.

These fools trust Devious Donald in his calls to go back to work and restart the economy. What he doesn’t say is he’s hemorrhaging cash from his hotels and golf courses and is looking to save his tattered financial-ass by borrowing millions more from Deutsche Bank. You never hear the truth from this bastard, only self-serving lies.

And it should also be noted Orange Judas isn’t plugging hydroxychloroquine any more — since the stuff has been proven not to help COVID cases, and worse, is potentially lethal for cardiac patients. So much for advice from ignorant quack, Dr. Trump.

Additionally, Trump’s lackey TV network, Fox News, has also backed off plugging the drug, which until now they did dozens of times daily — for fear of lawsuits from moronic viewers suffering heart attacks. That’s got Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, principle pushers, scared to death.

More cheerfully, human trials of a potential COVID-19 vaccine are going ahead at Britain’s Oxford University. The team carrying out the experiments say if they prove successful, millions of doses could be made available by the fall. It could be a breakthrough signaling the start of the world’s slow emergence from a virus that has claimed 175,000 lives so far, and continues to cause devastating economic damage to America.