Tony Brenna

Veteran reporter Tony Brenna offers his new novel, Honey Trap: A Thriller

Donald Trump Is Literally Killing Us

Apr 20, 2020 by Tony Brenna

What a strange and awful country we’ve become under Donald Trump. Where else in the world are gun-carrying thugs merely “anti-lockdown” protesters — people who don’t care about prolonging a pandemic and killing more of their fellow citizens?

What other nation has a president who blockades life-saving supplies from reaching hospitals in individual states to heighten his election prospects? And he’s the spiteful, lying ill-informed madman who’s withdrawn us from the World Health Organization in the middle of a pandemic. The guy who sucks up to murderous dictators in Russia, Korea, and Saudi Arabia.

His message is the whole world can go to hell as long as Dirty Donald and his crime family of money launderers, lechers, and tax dodgers remains in power. He leads a posse of people supported by ruthless fossil fuel barons and Wall Street financiers willing to let thousands more die to support one-percenter lives of total luxury.

Boy, has this viral epidemic shown this to be true. Just as it has showed how fragile our economic system really is — and how lacking American health care has become under private enterprise.

And what about Fox News which is down playing the pandemic and urging everybody back to work — while its own staff is mainly working from home, cutting back on exposure to the virus in every possible way?

And let’s not forget the big Fox boss, Trump’s pal, Rupert Murdoch. He’s cowering in a four-floor Manhattan apartment where the staff have to practically be scrubbed before they enter the place — and everything is tested for the virus.

Getting back to those stupid desperate demonstrators (most of whom have been organized by right-wing groups). These ignorant flag-waving, machine-gun carrying dummies should know they reveal our ugly fascist, racist underbelly to the rest of the world.

They fail to accept the gravity of the viral threat that’s beset the entire planet — not just stupid, selfish dolts who supporting the worst presidential failure America’s ever seen.

Under Trump and his supporters, the rest of the world is writing us off as a leader, partner, ally, and friend. With U.S. deaths approaching 43,000 and many thousands more sickened, this is no time to end lockdown.

The harsh truth is there will be no quick return to our previous life, according to dozens of experts the Trumpists don’t want to listen to.

These people are too dumb to see that under Orange Judas we’re turning into a rogue state — where all that matters is the wealth of moguls. These are plutocrats who spent millions on advertising to con unruly, disenchanted, frightened white lower classes into a sympathetic electoral majority.

The virus is spreading from the big cities into our rural areas — and shows no sign of stopping. Yet Trump wants people to go back to work and to resume something akin to normalcy.

Why are these misled people listening to a man who revels in cruelty, domination, and hostility? He doesn’t care about their lives — he just sees them as so many cogs in a machine, making him and his sycophantic cronies rich.

People taking advice from Donald Trump are as broken as he is. A pathetic sociopath, Trump never got any love from his parents — and we’re all paying the price for it now.

Those supporting him have something in common. They are from a broken society, the declining white middle class — people scared to death as their jobs are shipped overseas or overtaken by modernity.

They have been left behind by the cruelest form of capitalism — and yet they still don’t see that’s what Trump represents.

Once this virus is defeated, let’s hope many societal changes are coming. Maybe in some strange way, the pandemic will bring home some valuable lessons. The most important of which is we must stop the constant assault on the planetary environment — or there will be many more brutal pandemics coming our way.

We just have to stay alive right now to learn the lessons of Coronavirus — and that’s by not going back to work until there are proper tests, vaccines, and successful global treatments. What good is money and wealth if getting it is going to kill you?