Tony Brenna

Veteran reporter Tony Brenna offers his new novel, Honey Trap: A Thriller
Honey Trap

Honey Trap

A Thriller
Published by Pacific Press International
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British reporter Mike Delano sells his soul to tabloid journalism after risking his life in a distinguished career as a foreign correspondent. He lives to regret his plunge into sleaze when his love affair with Rachel, the daughter of criminal media tycoon Lord Rothenberg, sparks a feud between the two men that can end only when one of them dies.

This thriller pulls back the curtain to show how yellow journalism destroys and humiliates Hollywood stars. As Delano himself becomes rich and ruthless, he entraps Rothenberg’s major superstar in a “honey trap” sex scandal designed to ruin the mogul’s studio.

Rothenberg, determined to destroy Delano, is drawn into murderous mayhem. It costs the lives of his brilliant chief executive, his studio’s top actor, and others caught up in a maelstrom of bombs and bullets during an Oscar-night massacre.

As Delano seeks to wrest the woman he loves from her father’s possessive claws, he crosses paths with drug dealers, hit men, and murderous terrorists in a story that unwinds globally on yachts, submarines and private jets.

Delano comes out on top professionally, but his love for Rachel and triumph over Rothenberg bring heartbreak.

978-0-9852109-4-6 | November 6, 2023