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Fury at Fox Network Over Piers Morgan Appointment

Apr 26, 2022 by Tony Brenna

       Tucker Carlson, who makes a mere $6-million, is outraged by the deal Murdoch has signed with Piers Morgan, a journalist renowned for his fondness for Trump – and who's lost three previous central media posts.

      Morgan will appear on Britain's Sky News and Australian TV, and on Fox Nation. So naturally, this news has Tucker trembling in his boots – especially as Morgan's frequent guest is likely to be Trump. 

      Piers, who will also write weekly for Murdoch's "New York Post" and Britain’s “Sun,” is a hard newsman and respected columnist – even though many don't agree with his take on events. He's not like Tucker, who relies on fabrications and conspiracy theories to keep his Trump-loving audience. Sources say Carlson's especially bitter because he sees himself as the mainstay of the Fox network and darling of the Trump base.

      Morgan's appointment comes when Stephen Hayes and Jonah Goldberg, long-time Conservatives, are the latest Fox newsmen to have quit because they believe Carlson's inflammatory programming could spark new violence.

      Morgan is deeply amused at hearing Carlson's throwing a tantrum, pestering Murdoch for more money and complaining over Pierce's enormous salary and the breadth of coverage and power he will soon have.

      "Tucker is in a real bind," says my source. "He can't threaten to quit because no one else in TV land wants to hire him at his inflated salary. Moreover, he has destroyed his reputation as a trusted TV journalist – so he can't use the threat of quitting to leverage Murdoch."

      Meanwhile, even Rupert is increasingly concerned about the network's willingness to let its opinion stars make false, paranoid claims against the Biden administration and its supporters.

      "Thing have got out of hand at Fox – and bringing in opinionated, but usually truthful Piers Morgan – is a first step in trying to clean up the Fox mess," says the source.

      "While Fox is still raking in a fortune from advertisers, some major corporations have voiced their disgust with Carson and his often-insane coverage."

       Fox News is currently facing two multibillion-dollar lawsuits from voting technology companies alleging defamation by network hosts and guests who supported Trump's grandiose claim of election fraud.

      Another Fox star, Sean Hannity, is furious that his buddy Trump will give Piers Morgan the kind of attention he once lavished on his lackey, Hannity.

      And sources say egotistical Sean is also mad at Rupert and his son Lachlan Murdoch for bringing in Morgan with the apparent intention of making him the network's newest star.

Both Tucker and Hannity hope that Piers Morgan's penchant for getting in trouble will cut short his stay at Fox – but maybe the Brit has learned his lesson and will be more cautious.

      Stay tuned. It will take a lot of smoothing to calm all the ruffled Fox feathers.