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US and UK Lacking in Press Freedom - The Future of Russia

May 03, 2022 by Tony Brenna
Sadly, there's a worsening picture for press freedom globally, as shown by the World Press Freedom Index.

Just 4.4% of countries globally have a press freedom rating of "good" - embarrassingly, the UK and USA are not among them.

The Report singles out Fox News for criticism and says that its influence leads to dangerous polarization of media output globally – something that doesn't concern Rupert Murdoch and his greedy worldwide staff.

The issues raised in the Report are underlined by the death of an eighth journalist killed in the last two months reporting the Ukraine war with Russia.
Meanwhile, a Ukrainian military adviser's words are honey to my ears: "The only way Russia's war on Ukraine ends is with Vladimir Putin dead."
So says Kyrylo Budanov, who thinks Putin has bitten off more than he can chew, and the conflict is killing the Kremlin butcher.

Not only is Putin reported to be suffering a health crisis, possibly from cancer, but he's also haunted and humiliated by the growing failure of his war machine – even though his military outguns and outnumbers the Ukrainians.

Budanove says Putin's army's high casualties add to the nightmare of leading disorganized, murderous rapist soldiers with low morale.

Ukrainians, using American weapons, have cooked more than 30,000 Russian conscripts like sausages, trapped in their creeky unkept tanks – and knocked 60 Russian planes out of the sky with US Stinger missiles.

With two more Russian naval vessels going to the bottom yesterday – joining the pride of Russia's Black Sea fleet, the sunken'Moskva,' Putin is getting weaker and crazier -- alarming his generals.

"Don't worry, Ukraine will win," Budanov said in a Monday interview. "He's driven himself into a dead end."

What happens if Ukraine wins and, hopefully, Putin's gone?

"Once he's dead of sickness or, hopefully, assassinated, the future of Russia could be one of two paths," says Budanov.
"The country might be divided into multiple parts by another revolution. The other option could preserve the territorial integrity of the Federation once a leadership change is made."

Yes, and they should release Alexey Navalny, the only man who dared an attempt at putting Putin down politically – and who is still in prison after surviving a Vladimir-ordered poisoning.

Like Ukraine's President Zelensky, Navalny has brilliance and guts. He would weed out the vile crooks surrounding Putin – men still holding billions they and their despicable leader stole from the Russian people.