Tony Brenna

Veteran reporter Tony Brenna offers his new novel, Honey Trap: A Thriller

Trump Going Nuts

Jan 24, 2024 by Tony Brenna

            Donald Trump’s second bid for the presidency has already become a perfect storm of political corruption, fascism, racism, and his dangerous mental decline. 

            As he attempts to drag millions of voters into a sewer of lies, greed, and self-aggrandizement, his base of misled MAGAs should be wary of putting a cognitively challenged 75-year-old criminal into the Oval Office – not that they see it that way.

            Word is out from those closest to former Potus that he behaves “like a raving lunatic” while dealing with campaign staff and the battalions of lawyers handling his multitudinous legal problems – “the slightest little thing has him screaming and cursing…”

            While he claims to “ace” mental competency tests, he increasingly confuses names, places, people, and situations. For that reason, he refused to debate Nikki Haley and other GOP contenders in the recent Iowa and New Hampshire primaries.

            Only now is the timid, revenue-obsessed corporate media finally beginning to address Trump’s mental state, spurred on no doubt by Haley.

            She claims he’s “too scared” to debate her in the upcoming South Carolina primary – “even though he boasts he would do better than me in a mental agility test.”

            Meanwhile, Trump’s handlers are breathing sighs of relief that he is scared to debate publicly. They fear Donald’s mental decline can’t be hidden in a live debate format.

            They’re aware, too, that his lies and out-of-control court appearances are also evidence of brain fog – and are costing him millions in sanctions from angry judges and wasted, ignored legal advice.

            As the 2024 election gains steam, one wonders why Trump’s base is so misinformed. Alright, we know they have a steady diet of lies, distortions, and omissions from Fox News.

            Nor do cult members get the truth from GOP politicians; they’re as corrupt and dishonest as Trump, kissing and bowing to his every whim, always fearful of correcting or disputing his messages of vengeance and governmental destruction.

            It’s constantly surprising such loyalty is shown in a man suspected of giving America’s secrets to the Russians, a person whose personal and business life relies on deception and cheating, and who, with his grasping family, made billions out of his last disastrous stay in the White House.

            Not only has he turned the GOP into a cult of ring-kissers, but its aggrieved members are oblivious to the truth. They get most of their information from entertainment TV. Authentic, serious stuff bores and frightens them, and Trump’s tirades are entertaining to folks who feel similarly aggrieved. 

            Nor do his supporters care about his crooked business life, dishonesty, and debauchery – or his many court cases. It’s just another garish opportunity for fawning fans to see the “Dear Leader” when he whines, like them, of being persecuted and victimized by the deep state.

            And then there’s the growing information gap, with supporters fed a steady diet of lies by Truth Social, the on-line Trumpian mouthpiece. Not that many Trumpsters read much else nowadays because print journalism is dying.

            Over 2,000 local weeklies have closed or merged. Those dailies that haven’t folded are starved for advertising (which has mostly gone to the Net and TV) or have had their staffs cut drastically by right-wing corporate owners who use them for conservative promotion and profit.

            While Trump claims a significant victory in the primaries, Haley provided weak competition against his racist barbs, and because she supported most Trumpian policies – as the GOP fell into lock-step behind their manic master.

            And those Primary appearances Trump did make were not the success he would have TV viewers believe. Ratings were down, and anchors left the primaries early because of slumping viewership – indicating that Trump’s popularity is slipping.  

            Getting facts and names wrong, Trump was a shadow of his former self. It seemed he’d reached the campaign equivalent of an aging rock star touring to promote a new album – but struggling to make the old hits work.

            There were the same old racist dog whistles and name mockery against Nikki Haley and drop-out governor Ron DeSantis. There was even a short “Lock Her Up” chant, this time directed against VP Kamala Harris, not Hillary Clinton.

            Because Trump is a geriatric himself, there were no jabs at Joe Biden for being an oldster. Maybe that’s because Joe is not frightened to debate his rivals. A booming economy and stock market are just two items on Biden’s long list of authentic achievements. And that’s something missing from the resume of the giant orange gas bag that is Donald Trump.